About me

I am a freelance English-to-Italian translator.

My inborn love for foreign languages grew up with me, guiding my studies and influencing my professional career. After studying A-level foreign languages, I graduated from the University of Genoa with a first-class honours degree in Modern Languages and Literature. Even as a student, I spent long periods in Scotland and England, where I attended classes and gained work experience, thus expanding and improving my knowledge of the English language.

During my work as a freelancer and as an employee, I happened to be more and more involved in the translation of legal texts; hence my decision to specialise in this area and enrol on a Postgraduate Legal Translation Programme with the University of Genoa.

I believe in lifelong learning as a guarantee of competence and commitment to the translating profession. I regularly nurture my professional development by attending ad hoc refresher courses and workshops relating to my fields of work. Also, I often let my curiosity explore new subject areas.


  • Postgraduate Legal Translation Programme at the University of Genoa – Italy
  • Four-year Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Genoa - Italy
  • Languages High School Diploma from Istituto Magistrale Sperimentale P. Gobetti, Genoa - Italy
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English from The Epping Forest College (Loughton, Essex) and The Kensington School of English (Genoa)
  • First Certificate in English from The Basil Paterson College (Edinburgh) and The Kensington School of English (Genoa)

Continuing professional development

Courses held by the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI):

  • "Sworn translations: who, where, how and when", november 2019
  • "Effective Communication", April 2018
  • "Aspects and roles of medicine: a day with its key players", February 2018
  • "New European privacy laws", January 2018
  • "A closer look at sworn translations", January 2018
  • "Changes introduced by the Jobs Act on self-employment", September 2017
- Professional development workshop "Translating for children and teenagers", Langue & Parole, November-December 2015



I specialise in translating legal documents and publishing contents.
My fields of work:

– Agency, Supply, or Distribution Agreements
– Work or Service Contracts
– General Sales or Purchasing Terms and Conditions
– Non-Disclosure Agreements

Company Documents
– Memoranda of Association
– Articles of Association
– Shareholders’ Agreements
– Transfers of Shares
– Minutes of Meetings

Rules and Regulations
– Codes of Conduct
– Work safety

Notary Documents
– Powers of Attorney
– Property Transactions

Publishing Translations
– Press articles, legal and scientific publications
– Biographies

Quality, professionalism and accuracy are the basis of my work.
I only translate into my native language, Italian, to ensure that the final text conveys the exact meaning of the original in all its shades. All translations are taken care of down to the finest detail. I carefully examine the text to fully grasp any subtleties. When needed, I carry out in-depth research while constantly focusing on lexical choice. I take the time required to give my translations a close final read-through to check on consistency and accuracy and provide clients with high-quality texts. Even after the delivery of my translation works, I remain available for any information, explanation or adjustment.

I guarantee on-time deliveries… but, please, don’t ask me to complete translations in record time!
Speed and accuracy rarely go together.
Delivery times are agreed with clients on a case-by-case basis depending on the length and the difficulty of the text to be translated.

Your documents and any related information provided, necessary to proceed with the translation service, will be treated with the utmost confidentiality in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI), of which I am an Associate Member since 2016.

I listen attentively to my clients to best understand and satisfy their needs and requests. I always strive to build long lasting relationships with them, based on mutual trust.



The cost of translation depends on the length of the text to be translated, content complexity and timescale. In order to provide you with a precise quotation, I should examine the text in advance.

Please send me your file for translation to info@flaviagaggero.it (preferably as a Word or Pages document).

My translation services are supplied under the General Assignment Conditions for technical and scientific translators of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI).



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Flavia Gaggero
+39 349 3838948
Genoa, Italy